Friday, July 24, 2009

New Toys!

Cannon and I went to a HUGE consignment sale this morning at the NC State Fairgrounds and got Cannon some new toys! Here's one of his favorites. He loves trying to pull up right now and this lets him work on that and then play standing up. I got it for $5!! What a steal:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grandma Capp Visits over July 4th!

Sorry it's taken so long to post pictures. Enjoy catching up with our last couple months. We were so glad that Dennis' mom could come down to NC and meet Cannon in person! We loved having her here to visit.

For July 4th, we met some new friends and went to Wake Forest for their 100 year anniversary July 4th festivities. It was a full afternoon of live music, fireworks, food, and even parachuters! Cannon and I even made it into the local newspaper!! Cannon had an amazing day of staying awake for like 8hrs without even getting cranky. He loved the fireworks and didn't even flinch with all the loud booms and bangs!

Ocean Isle Weekend Vacation 6/26/09

We had a wonderful, much-needed, beach weekend together as a family. We just love our North Carolina beaches!

Cool shades Man! He seemed to like having them on. He never even tried once to take them off.
A fun little car swing.

We spent more time at the pool. It was just a lot easier than the beach. Dennis and I played lots of HORSE at the pool basketball hoop while Cannon cheered us on!
Eating sand. . .not too tasty!

Summer family fun with the neighbors

Our next door neighbors invited us over for some BBQ and fun with the kids! We had a great time!
My smokin' hub:) and little blondie.
Maybe. . . .

Grandma and Grandma visit at 6mos old