Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorable Memorial Day 2010 = 1st broken bone(s)

Cannon decided he was done with his nap and it was time to exit the crib. Dennis was down in the kitchen and I was getting out of the shower and we heard an ominous loud thump. I ran in and he was on the ground on his back with his head near the crib like he had probably flipped over the rail. He didn't stop crying for a while and then we noticed that he was having difficulty using his left arm when I was trying to give him blueberries (his favorite!) to make him feel better. I noticed a dent in his wrist too. So I took him to the Duke ER and Dennis stayed back and finished preparing for our cookout that we were hosting in a half hour from that point. At the ER, I got the third degree like I had abused my kid somehow. Yikes! Anyway, we spent 8hrs in one small room and Cannon was really surprisingly good considering the conditions. Thank goodness I had these crayons from CPKs which kept him busy for hours just putting them in and out of the box - mind numbing! but it worked along with coloring on paper towels. He fractured both his ulna and radius! The pediatric orthopedic surgeon had to do a reduction at the bedside because the break was greater than 30 degrees. So they gave him ketamine IM to do a conscious sedation so they could straighten the break and apply the cast. That was not a fun experience to see him lose consciousness like that, but there was no way he was going to sit still otherwise. We got home around 11pmish and put Cannon to bed with his new cast. The next morning he woke up and was completely unphased by this knuckle to shoulder cast and just went about his business of playing. What a sport!